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The Firehawk

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The Firehawk was a vehicle designed by the Foxcraft Industries, rumored to be owned by the Outfit. After the company went under, it was abandoned - and picked up by the Outfit to combat the Viper Defender. The Outfit kidnapped Julian Wilkes to help improve it, and sprung Erick van Hook, an ex-cop and former potential driver for the Viper, out of prison to drive it.

The Firehawk is fitted with machine guns, and has a computer inside. Also, at the behest of van Hook, Julian fitted the Firehawk with a pulse collector to fire the Viper's static pulse back at it; and later armed with the Parasite missile that van Hook fired at the Viper to gain control of it.

However, Julian had scratched the Firehawk's virus protection disk, making it vulnerable for a few minutes while van Hook was controlling the Viper from inside the Firehawk. During that time, Frankie Waters sent the Jabberwocky virus inside the Viper's computer and then on to the Firehawk from the Viper Lair, causing a system delete. Van Hook then faced Joe Astor in a hand-to-hand combat. After he was knocked out, Joe planted an explosive inside the Firehawk, destroying it. Inside its former base, Julian also did a system delete, and wiped everything on Firehawk and Viper from Outfit's files.