The Viper Defender is the star-car of the TV series Viper. The series focused on a special-ops division of the Metro City Police Department that used an urban assault vehicle, known as "The Defender" that has the ability to transform from a grey coupe into a red 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster and later a 1996 Cobalt Blue Metallic Dodge Viper GTS Coupe.



Season 1Edit

Viper morphing sequence

Viper morphing sequence

  1. 4WD Mode
  2. Hologram Projector (deployed from roof)
  3. Probe (with laser, and camera) (deployed from rear hatch)
  4. Retractable battering rams
  5. Retractable twin weapons pods (deployed from just below each car door) each with a "Static Pulse" (EMP) emitter, missiles / rockets, and a harpoon / tow cable / grapple hook launcher
  6. Armor plating
  7. Steering wheel controls
  8. Rear grapple hook launcher

Season 2Edit

  1. Turbine Booster
  2. Voice amplifier
  3. Rear mounted .50 caliber machine gun (replaces rear grapple hook from Season 1) (Added to the weapons pods)
  4. Twin 7.62mm machine guns
  5. Twin Stinger missile launchers
  6. Twin high-powered lasers
  7. Probe upgrade (infrared lens)

Season 3Edit

  1. Bolo / net launcher
  2. Flamethrower

Season 4Edit

  1. Hovercraft mode
  2. Torpedo launchers (deployed from front fenders in Hovercraft Mode only)
  3. Manual overdrive (never used)
  4. Traction control (never used)
  5. Rear mounted bomb launcher
  6. Cloaking device

Actual CarEdit

The “Defender” was constructed by Unique Movie Cars of Las Vegas on a 1993 Viper RT/10 chassis. Fourteen were built for filming. The V10 was removed and a 390/360 HP power plant was placed inside.

In 2010, one of the models was almost auctioned for $300,000 by Mecum, but the bidding only reached $270,000. In 2013, it was listed on eBay for $75,100, but the reserve was not as it only reached around $133,400.

Viper Defender Auction

Viper Defender Auction